Aviation Art by M.H.W. Schojart

MHW Aviation Art is a website containing my paintings of aircraft and other aviation topics.

intruments used in cockpits, aviation art

All paintings you see in my gallery are originals painted with acrylic technique. You are invited to share my love and passion for aviation and aerospace history. Most of my paintings display historical events in aviation that took place at a time when flying was still an adventure. This time was characterized by progress in aerodynamics and mechanics.


Please feel free to spend some time in my gallery. Here you will find answers to most topics such as historical background or painting technique. If you would like to exhibit my paintings you should be aware that each painting has a value of between 500 and 1500€. If you would like me to paint a specific scene or historical event for your museum or yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

And now: I wish you a “good flight” through my gallery!

Your M.H.W. Schojart