About me

inst klein 8As a former mechanic I have been an aviation enthusiast for years. The miracle of flying, the aesthetics of aerodynamic designs and the unmistakable sound of propellers fascinates me.
Painting has always been an important part of me. Only recently have I started working intensively with acrylic paint to illustrate scenes of aviation history.
Next to my job in the administration department of a small town in the south of Germany I have had many opportunities to travel to air shows and aviation museums all over Europe. I also engage in other aviation activities – flying model planes or travelling by float planes in Western Canada.

5In the last couple of years I have started painting more ambitiously. The results can be found in my gallery. I am using acrylic paint on canvas in thin layers and aiming to catch the dynamics and movement of a scene, bringing it close to the observer. The size of my paintings differs which is why some paintings may appear different on my website than in real life. Details such as small ships are often painted in great detail to captivate the observer. Most of my paintings take around 50 -90 hours of work to complete.
I guarantee that all of my paintings are originals!
If you enjoy aviation history and if you are fascinated by the simple but ingenious design of the pioneers of aviation, I am more than certain that you will love my paintings.

Your M.H.W. Schojart