Liability for contents
As an instituation offering contents online, we are responsible for our own contents according to § 7 Abs. 1 TMG. According to §§ 8 to 10 TMG, we are not obliged to survey external contents that has been transferred or saved on our site. Additionally we do not need to search for possible breach of law by third parties. Albeit, general obligations to delete or disable contents according to other legislations may still exist. We will not be made responsible for such breach of law before being made aware of these facts. However, if we should be informed about illegal contents, they will be deleted immediately.

Responsibility for links
We do offer links to foreign pages of which we have no control over their contents. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for them. Only the webhosts of these pages are in charge of their sites. At the point of time when the links were included to our site, no breaches of law or illegal contents were obvious. Yet it is unacceptable for us to check foreign pages on a regular basis. If we should get informed about illegal activities on such partner sites, we will immediately take care of deleting the links involved.

All contents and work of art on this page are subject to German copyright law. Copying, publishing and commercializing of all kinds need to be permitted by this site´s owner in written form. Downloads and copies from this site are allowed for private use only. We do also respect other person´s copyrights, as they are concerned. If you should get to find a breach of copyright despite these facts we would like to kindly ask you to inform us, so that we can take care of immediate measures.

Date privacy statement
Protecting your personal data is very important to us. We will thus take care of confidential use of all of your transferred data according to German legislation and this data privacy statement. Of course it is possible to use our page without submitting personal data. Nevertheless we would like to state that the transferal of date on the internet is always endangered by possible security gaps. This is especially true for communication via e-mails. A maximum protection is thus not always possible.

Contact form
If you should use our contact form we will save your given data including the personal ones, also for future purpose. We will not hand out these data to third parties.

Information, Cancellation, Blocking
You can contact us at any time via the contact data given in our company information and ask for the data we have saved about you. We will also inform you about where these data derive from, what their purpose and recipient is. You can always claim for correction, cancellation and blocking. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of question in this context.

For more details please read the German version “Datenschutzerklärung” on this Homepage, which is legally binding for me.